Camping in Rishikesh - Safety Tips for River Rafting

Camping in Rishikesh summary:

If you have planned to go for river rafting and camping in Rishikesh for the first time, you must read this blog on the safety tips of rafting. Just go through the blog thoroughly.


If you have ever dreamt for bungee jumping, rappelling, camping, rock climbing, just book a ticket to Haridwar and set off to Rishikesh. Once you reach Haridwar, get any of the local transport – auto- rickshaw or a bus to Rishikesh. The place in the lap of Himalaya with lash green landscape and a lot of adventure options make it a perfect destination for the travelers. Every year thousands of national and international travelers visit for camping in Rishikesh.

Being an adventure tourist spot it generally attracts the young group of peoples mostly, however there are endless mind refreshing sights which makes this spot popular among family and couples as well. Being located at around 3-4hrs distant from Delhi and Noida a major part of the crowd come there who prefers this spot as their weekend tourist spot.

Rishikesh is located about 20km away towards the hill from Haridwar. And if you have plan to visit Alakananda River rafting camp, you have to travel another 38kilometer by auto or any rented cab. You would reach within an hour. Now, just setup your tent, unpack items, take food and start your river rafting.

However, when you prepare for the trip, you have to keep several things in mind to ensure that camps in Rishikesh don’t be unsafe. Here are a few points – just follow this checklist.

Buy Professional Outfitters:

River rafting requires several outfitters. Never compromise in these items as all are mandatory to make your rafting enjoyable, thrilling and safe. Buy all the products from government authorized seller and all the products should have quality certificate. Also, ask the seller about their experience in this field as they are the final person who would help you choose the right product.

Use Lifejacket and Helmet:

The most important thing during river rafting to keep you safe is your lifejacket and helmet. Purchase or rent both the products as per your size and body weight and make sure both are tied properly in the system they should be. Choose your helmet size as per size of your head and no compromise here.

Use Comfort-Wear:

If you have planned to go for rafting during the winter season, make sure you have rented waterproof weather-jacket under the lifejacket. During this time the water remains noticeably chilly and you won’t like to lose control on your paddle just because your hands become less active due to chill.

Hold Paddle Properly:

During river rafting in Rishikesh you need to know how to grip the paddle properly. It is the item that would keep you and your boat in proper way and also this is the item that can knock out your teeth if hold improperly. The best method to grip paddle is the use left hand to hold T-grip (when sitting in the right side or the paddle is right side to your body) and use your right hand to grip the base of the paddle which would give you enough strength to give the boat motion without wasting much energy.

Grab the Boat to it’s Soonest:

At times, especially when your boat collides with a rock, there is a chance you drop out of the boat. Don’t panic. There is a good chance; as soon as you pop-out of the water you would find your boat within your reach. Make fast calculation about the distance and take steps to grab it fast. This is the safest place and you never should leave a chance to grab it.